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Good Food Hair Butter

Good Food Hair Butter

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8oz Plastic Jar

Good Food Hair Butter is a concentrated Infusion of essential oils like Eucalyptus, Coconut oil, collagen, Lavender oil and Turmeric to help soothe itchy scalp and penetrate the hair half and cuticle to restores moisture and condition hair while encouraging hair growth. This Light weight yet powerful combination of oils and shea butter extracts promotes circulation for healthy hair and scalp.


How to Use 

Gently rub through hands until hair butter melts then apply to dry or damp hair. Apply hair butter generously to the scalp as well as the tips of the hair. Massage hair and scalp with fingertips using Good Food Hair Butter.Style as desired.



Ingredients: Pure African Shea Butter, Congolese Eucalyptus oil) (Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Lavender, Avocado Oil, Jasmine Oil and Pure Rose Oil

Please note: This product may melt in warm weather and is best kept in a cool environment. If melting occurs, do not refrigerate. Instead, mix the product slowly at room temperature, ideally near a fan or AC, and allow it to re-solidify. This will not affect the quality of the formula; it's simply the nature of a pure, all-natural butter made with no wax. 

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